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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hola Familia!

Mom thanks for the email it was really long this week haha! Sounds like things at work are getting better that is nice to hear that all is well back home! Haha I'm glad the 3 day weekend was good for you guys. As a missionary there are no weekends or Holidays, all they mean is that you don't get mail hahaha!

Well so much has happened this week! I'll start with the main thing that has happened! Me and Elder Anderson are no longer companions!! That is crazy because they hardly ever swith up the companionships in the MTC. I am now with Elder Solheim! Since Elder Haskell hurt his back they have been missing a lot of class and they were already struggling a lot with Spanish before his back problem. So they separted them so they could attend more class, and hopefully have us help them out. So Elder Anderson is now with E Haskell.

Anyways I felt like me and Elder Anderson were finally starting to teach pretty well together then they split us up. And let me tell you Elders Solheim and Haskell really struggle with their Spanish. This week we taught the Plan of Salvation and the Word of Wisdom in TRC. I had to talk most of the time, Elder Solheim said a few sentences. But I felt like I did a good job. Haha, maybe this is a blessing in disguise because now I have to talk a lot more and so I have to learn more Spanish.

Then, two days ago playing soccer outside, Elder Solheim broke his leg! Some kid kicked his leg instead of the ball! Ya, MTC soccer is crazy! His fibula has a piece broken off and the rest is cracked in half haha! So he is on crutches all the time now so we are late to pretty much everything! It is really really really annoying! Tomorrow we have to go to a bone speacialist in Orem! Haha Real world here I come haha i'm pretty excited to get out of the MTC for a few hours tho! Maybe I will get to go to Taco Bell!!! Because he broke his leg he will have to be here another 6 weeks!!! That would not be fun!

Did you get the receipt for my shots that I sent home!? I haven't gotten your package yet hopefully I will get it later today! O and ya I found my vial in my first aid thing! Thanks for the package anyways! O the DL just came in the room and gave me a package slip! Ya! That must mean that I got it! Thanks.

We still don't know about Visa's! They say that you receive flight plans 10 days from your departure date so that means that if they think we will get our Visas we should get flight plans tomorrow! But even if you get flight plans you still don't know for sure if your visa has came! They said that you really find out about 3 days before you are scheduled to leave! So who knows, there is a possibility I will get reassigned. I am supposed to leave the 20th which is a Monday I think.

It has almost been two months since I left, that means that I am due for another pic of the calves soon so I can see how they are growing haha! How are they doing with the cold weather!!? I hope good!

We got to host new Elders yesterday! It was a pretty cool experience we get to do it again next Wednesday! I hosted Brian Williams he used to go to Sky View but then moved like Jr. year or something to California. It was cool to host someone that I new tho.

Hahah Lacey's text must have worked cuz kenz finally wrote me! It was good to hear from him! He is two for two on this years football season with his field goals! And I guess he moved up to the number 1 kicker. I will try to get my pictures developed today or tomorrow and send them home. There's some pretty good ones on my camera right now.

We had to take the can tower down, once the Branch Presidency found out they put an end to it real quick haha. We had one last night where a bunch of people came and got pictures with it and stuff then we went crazy and tore it all down!! Haha

Well I gotta go Yo espero que todo esta bien! I love all you guys and all your letters are awesome! Have fun at the State Fair!

P.S. I am not pro at the double r but I can do it for the most part!

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