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Monday, January 30, 2012

Que pachó Familia,

Well It's already Monday again, I can't believe it. January is already gonna be over! I hope that all is well back home in Cache Valley, I haven't heard much of what is happenin in the news. Everything here in Tulancingo is going good. It's the same ole same ole. I'm pretty sure that Elder Falslev will be leaving and that I will be staying here in the area. It is a pretty good area, you have to work with the members alot more here though because there aren't as many people as the city.

Ya the house doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside it is one of the best ones in the mission. I think that they still do karate next door, we're not home much so I haven't really paid attention. But ya we locked our keys inside last week so we had to do a little break in haha.

The work is going good. Sunday Faviola and her kids were all confirmed so she is officially a member of the Church! Ya! haha they are doing really good, she even signed up to give us food this coming Saturday. Everything is still looking good with Diego, he's the little kid. He was telling us Sunday, my baptism is for sure gonna be next Sunday right? he is really really excited! We also had two others in Church an older lady with her 30 year old son. The son is kind of not all there, but we have an appointment with them this week to see what's up.

This Thursday we have our monthly meeting with President, so that means more traveling. It takes about 3 hours to get back to the Temple. Elder Falslev and I were going to try and visit some converts from Azteca while we are there close. I really want to visit Angeles to see how she is doing. Hopefully I will get around to all 3 families there.

Well not to much is new this week, sorry for such a short letter. Elder Falslev and I are going to try and enjoy our last week together. Hopefully we have some fun experiences. Well I gotta go! Love ya!

Elder Chambers

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