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Monday, January 16, 2012

Hola Familia,

It was good to hear from everybody this week, sounds like everybody back home is enjoying life to the max! That stinks that Dad had to work on a Holiday! Oh well here for missionaries there are no holidays. To answer all of the questions well, Elder Falslev is doing good and got his tooth all fixed up. The investigators that we had we decided to drop, the long Christmas break didn't help us out very much and they kind of lost interest. The other mom and kids that we were teaching hasn't been able to make it to Church either so we might have to drop them as well.

On the bright side of things, we are currently teaching a Christian Prophet Lady hahahaha. I don't remember if I have told you guys about her yet. But it is this red headed lady and she thinks that she has the priesthood and she is supposedly a prophet in her church. I gotta give it to her, she knows a lot, but is a little confused about baptism, she thinks her baptism was valid so we have really been focusing on how we receive power from God and we have been explaining a lot about Joseph Smith. She has now went to Church twice so she is obviously interested. She is inactive in her other Church and things are looking good. Hopefully she will make the right decision. She also has 3 kids. The other day we were ending a lesson with her and was like, Hey do you guys want me to pray in tongues for you guys? Me and Falslev didn't know quite what she meant so we said uh sure. So she starts out the prayer normal and then all the sudden she was like and I pray for Chambers, and she started mumbling a whole bunch of garbage that didn't even make sense! hahahhaah it went somethin like, shim tumble skrum bop mishi doop, hahah but it went on for like two minutes haha, and during those two minutes she started rubbing my forehead with her finger hahahahaha. Then she went over to Falslev and did the same! We were trying so hard not to burst out laughing! I had to bite my shirt to not laugh!

Today we had a Zone Activity, we went to this area called Huachinango in Puebla and we hiked to a water fall, it was pretty cool! Then we hiked back and ate the biggest hamburger that I have ever seen! It was a kilo of meat!!! That's like 2.2 lbs! I got a little more than halfway and couldn't eat more, it was just too much meat! But overall it was a pretty fun activity, I will try to send pics today, if not today then next week for sure.

Ya the I pod cost me about 120 bucks. But it is a 3rd Generation. I'm pretty sure that it was stolen though hahaha. It works fine and is an 8 gig. I had to go all the way to the downtown city to get it but I will probably end up going back before the end of my mission so let me know if you need anything. The 4 generation ones are there too but they are way expensive so I couldn't even think of a 4th G. I have been testin the one I got out and it seems to work perfectly.

Things are going good here in Tulancingo!! Thanks for all the emails every week!! Don't stop writin!! You're all champs!! Love you guys!!

Elder Cool Beanz

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