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Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello Family,

Man, how the time flies!! It's already been two weeks since we talked last!! It seems like just yesterday! Can you guys believe that it is already 2012!? The year the world ends!!! Haha I remember last new years eve, Elder Castro and I were playin chess till 12 haha. This year me and Falslev went to bed at like 10 haha. We didn't see much fun in stayin up just to see the clock change!

The work is going slow slow slow! These Holidays have really killed us. Last year was bad but the two biggest days 25th and 1st were both Sundays!! Not even half the ward made it to church let alone the investigators. But we have been finding some people. This week we found a sick family! They don't have a Dad, but it is a Mom and her three kids. She was a reference from a member. We went there first to give her a blessing and she seemed really cool. So we asked to go back the next day! We taught her and when I invited her to be baptized she accepted so fast!! I asked her that if she had the chance to be baptized like Jesus Christ...... then she blurted out, "Would I? Yes" haha she finished my own question. All her kids are over 8 so hopefully we can get them to Church this coming Sunday!

That is crazy that Lacey got another ticket!! Don't go to hard on her haha. It happens! Stinkin cops! It was good to hear about the ward and everybody! Sounds like Grandpa Spackman is doing a good job with his classes!

That sucks that the Cowboys lost, who knows if they will ever be good again! Maybe in 30 years! They always seem to lose the big games! Here it has been actually pretty cold the last 2 days! Me and Kayd are freezing to death haha jk. But it has gotten a lot colder.

We haven't gotten any Christmas cards yet. Who knows if they will get here. My shoes are still doing pretty good. My smaller ones are a little worn out but they still should make it to the end. And the bigger ones are still in good shape, I don't wear them as much. So all should be good to go!

I don't have much other news, I got a lot of emails this week so don't get mad if I can't respond to everyone today, we don't have to much time!! Well I gotta go! Thanks for all the support! Love ya!

Elder Chambers

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