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Monday, January 23, 2012

Hey Family!

Well another week done and gone! The older you get the faster the time goes! Sounds like everything back home is going great except for Mom being sick! The pictures of Dad and Duke were pretty cool! I can't wait to go pheasant huntin again! But the big surprise is Odis!!! He looks like he is a zombie or somethin hahaha this past year and a half haven't treated him to swell. I doubt he will make it six more months!

Well you know the Profet lady that we were teaching well.... she was baptized yesterday with her two kids!!!!! It was so sick! She had so many doubts but she prayed about her baptism and her prayer was answered! Even though she still has some wierd ideas I know she is gonna be a strong member! She has seemed so different since receiving her answer that she needed to be baptized! She has been super happy, yesterday also went great, the baptisms were all in nice warm water! I baptized the prophet, her name is Faviola, and Falslev baptized the two kids, Angel and Evelin. It was so nice to baptize again, it had been awhile!

In Church we also had some other investigators there. The couple from Zacualpan Veracruz came again and seem like they are excited to be baptized but we are just letting them figure out the marriage thing. Who knows when it will actually take place, we also had the brother of a recent convert show up, he is 9 years old and pretty cool. His name is Diego and when he seen the baptisms all goin down, he came up and asked hey Chambers, when can I get baptized!?? ahaha he is pretty cool. If we get his Mom's permission he should be baptized the 5th of Feb.

Today me and Falslev were walking in Waldos and you'll never guess what we found! Yep Mtn Dew!! The cans are all pretty banged up because of all the shipping but we bought em. We ended up gettin 12 of em for 8 pesos each. We are pretty excited!! We didn't do much for the 18th month thing, we did buy pizza though. That was good!

Well I haven't gotten any more packages, probably I will get it right before changes, that is when we will see Pres and the secretaries next. Changes are coming up Feb. 7th. President in our interviews this past week pretty much told us that me and Falslev will be gettin split up haha. Oh well. Lacey's car stereo sounds pretty sick, wish I could be there to hear it.

Not much else new is going on out here. Tell Both grandmas thanks for all the letters and emails that they send. I don't have much time to write them though. How are the Jazz doing? Lacey told me that the Giants and Patriots are going to the superbowl! Sounds like one not even worth watching!!

Well, I gotta go! Thanks for everything! Love you guys!

Elder Chambers

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