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Monday, January 9, 2012

Hola Familia,

Well it's been another week!! The weeks are sure passing by! Today Kayd completes 19 months, that sounds a little bit weird. Soon I will be at 18 months. I'm glad that everybody liked the pics, and ya that lamb was out in Zacualpan in Veracruz, we got to this members house and they had just skinned er. They were gonna cook it up real nice later that night, but we didn't stay. Here they eat everything! And I mean every thing, the sister was over there washin out the intestines and stomach so that they could make a tasty stew as well haha. gross!!

So I finally gave in and well, I got way sick this week! Tuesday night we went and ate guajalotes but somethin must of been bad in em. At 3 in the morning I woke up and had the bad belly! I couldn't sleep so I was just laying in my bed with a bowl in case I threw up. Then at about 4 in the morning I threw up, hahahaha It was so loud that it scared Falslev out of his sleep hahaha. He got up so fast and went and flipped on the light!! We had a good laugh about it. I felt alot better after but then at 5 it all came back and I had to repeat the process! I also had the worst diahrea ever! Sorry for all the details, but I was so sick! One time I had to ralph and number 2 at the same time, it was bad! But it only lasted a day, now I'm feelin alot better!

Well another anniversary down for you guys, how many is that now? It's getting up there haha. I hope that you both remembered it haha. That is crazy that Jesse is 21 now, I'll be soon to follow. I sure don't feel like I'm 21! I still can't grow much hair on my chin! What is even weirder to think is that Lacey will be 17, and Whitney 13 this year! I can't believe it, it feels like I was just their age.

Ya I'm lookin for a dark blue thing for Dad, I haven't found much yet, but I will don't worry. The cold is off and on here in Tulancingo, at night you need a sweater and gloves but in the day it still gets pretty hot! The houses here are all made of cement so the house gets cold when the weather gets cold, and the house gets hot when the weather gets hot! Nobody down here has air conditioning or furnaces!

I took some money out the other day so that if I see somethin I want I can just buy it. Is there anything that you guys want me to get ya? Well everything is going good here in the mission thanks for all the letters and support, gotta run, love you guys!

Elder Chambers

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