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Monday, February 6, 2012

Hey Everybody!!

Everything is going good here. I hope the same for everybody back home. So it's mine and Falslev’s last day together haha today in the morning they told us that Elder Falslev has changes tomorrow so I will be getting another comp here in Tulancingo. So that means I will probably be here another 2 cycles, until April. I will probably train a new zone leader, like I did with Elder Reyes.

That's crazy that you guys have gotten hardly any snow, I can't believe that Dad was actually able to ride the street bike in February!! That won't be too good later on though for all the farmers. We did end up getting the package the other day, so I got my socks and everything, thanks a bunch!

Well yesterday we baptized Diego, everything turned out really good. After we gave him this hot wheels monster truck thing, he was so happy! His brother is a recent convert as well. But the best news is that Wednesday we got a call from Diego's brother Lalo and he told us that his Mom wanted to listen to us. The missionaries had tried before with her but she didn't want to listen to them. But now she said that from the changes she has seen in her kids she also wants to hear the Gospel. We went that same night and put a baptismal date with her for the 19th of this month. She accepted everything and went to church for the first time yesterday. She was even crying in Diego's baptismal service, she is progressing really well.

This week Elder Falslev and I both had colds, but everything is good now. I hate being sick! But we did get to go visit some of our converts in Azteca. We didn't tell anyone that we were going so that it would be a surprise. We went to the hermana Angeles house first and she was shocked to see us. haha She is doing really really good, she is going to start the Temple prep classes next week so that she can take out her endowments. I am so happy for her. I also visited the Delgado Briones and Rodriguez families, they are also doing good. The husbands don't go every week so I had to set em straight again. Hopefully they too can enter the Temple before July. It was great seeing everybody again!

It has been raining here a lot lately which is really unusual for January and February! Hopefully it stops soon, I hate workin’ in the rain! I heard about the super bowl. I can't believe the giants won again!! Its time for a Cowboys superbowl!!! Oh ya before I forget we had another rat problem! But we got him. haha Well that is about it for this week! Love you guys!!

Elder Chambers

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