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Monday, January 3, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey guys how is everything going this week? Hope the New Year started out good, what did you guys do on New Years? Me and Elder Castro had to be in our house by 6 pm on new years eve. It is a rule that President gave us, so we made mac n cheese and played chess. After we played turista (monopoly) Castro had never played before but he wasted me. haha Then we ended up going to bed at 10:30 haha it was quite the New Years. Also on New Years day it was just like Chrismas again, there was absolutely nobody in the streets when we left our house at 11. We did somehow manage to have two lessons though they went good and they said they would go to Church but they weren't there yesterday, the people here in Pachuquilla are a bunch of mentirosos.

Haha this week we had to go to our ward mission leaders house for something. While we were there I saw some oranges laying there on the table so I started to Juggle. Haha our Mission Leader freaked out, he thought that it was the coolest thing in the world haha. He knows a little bit of english so he kept saying, Oh my Gosh and Wow. hahaha it was like he turned into a 5 year old kid haha. Now he wants me to teach him how to do it. Maybe I need to juggle for the investigators haha.

Well this Sunday was almost the same as the last. Cesar couldn't show up because he had car troubles or somethin, but Miguel came again. He is excited for his baptism, it will be this Sunday if all goes to plan. He is a stud, yesterday we were in a class and the bishop said "In the ward we have 170 active members" haha and after this Miguel leaned over to us and whispered "171" haha. It was awesome. He also signed up to help clean the Church with us next Saturday. Haha He also wants to visit Utah when I get back and go skiing with me haha. So all is well with him but after his baptism we will be close to starting over again, we don't really have any that are progressing really good, because they aren't making it to Church. Even the members struggle to make it to Church, especially with the time change, now our Church is at 9 in the morning, there was only about 30 people there when the meeting started. I don't know why first ward ever complained about numbers haha.

I hope everyone got all my letters. I don't know when I will be able to send lots like that again, they took forever to write. Oh and if you guys want me to look for anything to buy you guys here in Mexico tell me and I will look. I have a good gift planned out for Mom but it is too heavy to send home, I will have to take it with me in my luggage when I come home.

Well I don't know if you guys have heard before but there is a tradition of missionaries. When you have six months you burn a tie, then when you have a year you burn a shirt, then one and a half years you burn one of your pants, haha then when you have two years . . . your suit hahaha. I am getting close to the tie haha I have a really crappy one that an Elder, who finished his mission already, gave me, I think that one will be the victim. Haha

Not much else happened this week. I finished off the candy that I got from Christmas so now I'm back to eatin tamales and mazapan for food haha. Today we are gonna go to walmart maybe I will buy some candies to snack on this week. Also today we are goin to play ping pong and pool with Miguel. He says that he likes ping pong haha we'll see if he is good or not. My comp has never played ping pong so it should be interesting haha.

Gotta run but I love you guys, hope everything is going good back home. Keep up the daily scripture readin and las oraciones. Talk to you guys next Monday, hopefully we got some pics of a baptism haha. Peace out, Later

Elder Chambers

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