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Monday, January 31, 2011

Hola Familia,

Como estan eh?? Things here in the mission are going good still. Yep we had transfers last Tuesday and now I'm here in Barrio Azteca. Estaca Aaragon. We are about 10 minutes from the temple, in fact there is a street in our area, that you can see the temple if you are there. We are inbetween the Temple and the Airport, here in the gran Ciudad!!! haha It's pretty cool! If you look on google maps I'm pretty sure you will be able to see a big round about, and about 8 different streets entering and leaving the roundabout. I think I remember seeing it in the MTC. Our area is pretty big too, I thought because it was in the City it would be small but it is huge.

My companion is very very GREEN!!! Haha I mean green!! He just barely was baptized a year ago, and now he is here is the mission. He is the only member in his family, his parents don't like the idea of a mission at all. His name is Elder Garcia and he is 21 years old. He has alot to learn, I try teaching him something but it doesn't sink in until after about 6 times of explaining. I've explained what a reference is about 8 times and he is still confused haha. But he has a lot of desires to be here in the mish and be baptizing. In fact we had a baptism this Sunday, I let him baptize because I figured he would enjoy that. Our Church is way chill too. It was built abut a year ago and it is awesome!! It has two floors and everything is really really clean! It is alot different than Pachuquilla. The members here are really cool too. The Bishop lived in Provo a few years so he knows quite a bit of English, he also is a big help, alot different than Pachuquilla haha.

My comp doesn't know a bit of English, oh well haha. One of my favorite things about the City is that here there are Moto Taxis. What they are, is just a motorcyle and behind it there is a little cart that they pull around hahaha you can go anywhere in our area for 10 pesos if you use the Moto Taxis!! But we usually walk most places. Here there is a lot more food in the street!! It is delicious haha but I did have the runs this morning haha. I swear there are taco stands on every corner, every where you look you can find tacos haha. To get to our all of our meetings and stuff we have to take the Subway, haha it doesn't take very long to know how to use it, its pretty easy. Sometimes the Subway is jam packed haha and you have to squeeze in there!

Everything here is the City is alot faster paced than Pachuca, sometimes it is hard to get people to stop and listen to you. This last week we only taught a total of 7 lessons! That is really low, it should be up in the 20s but this week we will do alot better. Now we know the area and have a few investigators, we should have a lot more success this week. Once again I had to talk in Sacrament meeting this week but we were running low on time so I only had to bare my testimony. Elder Garcia was pretty nervous to be talking in front of everybody.

But ya I finally saw Kayd this week haha. He is also training, his area is really doing good right now!! But ya he looks a little bit different haha. But it was good to see him and get to talk to him for a little while. Before we left transfers, we forgot to take a picture together so we still don't have a picture of us together here in Mexico.

But overall, I'm super happy with the switch, I don't think I would have lasted another cycle there in Pachuca. So I'm happy to be here in the City. Well I hope the Super Bowl goes really good and its a good game!! I really miss football and sports but oh well haha. I think today we are going to play soccer with some kids here in the ward. Elder Garcia really likes sports too so that is something that we have in common. I don't think he has ever used the internet before he didn't know what to do when we got here to email.

Well gotta go, have a good week and SuperBowl Sunday!! Hope that the weather is warming up a little!!! I attached the pic of the baptism so you guys can see who my comp is. Talk to you all next week!! Love ya!

Elder Chambers

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