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Monday, January 17, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everyone, sounds like life back in Cache Valley is going good and normal. Things here in Mexico are going good too, and for the most part normal haha. We ended up having a little bit of success this week.

Saturday was Miguels baptism, it went really really good. That is one thing that bothers me here, is that they don't plan anything!! All the baptisms are getting lined up the day before or the day of haha. And most of the time only the direct family members of whoever is getting baptized is there, there are usually no members there. Haha it is alot different than the baptismal services back in Utah. But this one went really good, and there was actually alot of members there. After the baptism I gave Miguel a sick Purple Paisley Tie that I bought him, haha maybe one day he will want to be a missionary. He was really happy after his baptism.

This week here has been really cold, mostly because it has been super windy here. But now it is startin to warm up again. How is everything going back home how are all the cows and other animals doing with the cold weather? I think it is about time for another batch of pictures eh? Haha

Well in the package that you guys sent with Curtis, it sounds like Mom sent me a Book of Mormon. But I never got it, there was no Book of Mormon in the bags, so who knows what happened. Also I tried using the gift card to buy Miguels tie but it rejected the card. I am going to try and buy something else and if it still doesn't work I will send it home.

Transfers are coming up soon, actually they are next Tuesday. I don't think that me and Elder Castro will be staying together for another cycle. I'm pretty sure one of us will be leaving. The truth is, is that I hope I can go somewhere else, I want to see different parts of the mission and have new experiences, but we will see what happens. If I stay here in Pachuquilla, oh well.

This week we had a funny experience, we went to this door and knocked there. Then when the guy answered the door I started explaining who we are and what not. Then he interrupted me and said wait wait first of all there is a doorbell!!! He then continued to rant on about how he hates it when people knock on the door instead of using the doorbell!! Hahaha it was all I could do not to start laughing right in his face! Who gets mad about knocking instead of using a doorbell!!

This past week we have also found like 6 people who could talk english. The people that can talk english always always have to talk to me. They always start with Hey man where you from?? Haha I always talk back to them in Spanish. Haha so the whole conversation they are talking english and I'm talkin Spanish haha.

This week we had to talk again in Sacrament. But this talk was a lot better than my first haha. I mean a lot better! I talked about the Holy Ghost, it was really neat to see my progress with the language so far!! It went on for about 15 minutes without me even realizing, it was only supposed to be 8 min. haha. Oh well. After a bunch of people said that I did really good. And after Church the Bishop found me and said "Now, now you've learned Spanish" haha. They can tell a big difference in my progress too. But I still have alot to learn still. But I finally feel like I can say anything that I need to say, and I can understand almost everything. It has taken me 3 months here in Mexico, and about 6 months in the mission to finally feel mas o menos comfortable with the language. O ya this Friday is my 6 month mark in the Mish. Woo hoo! I've only gotta do what I've just did 3 more times haha. But the time out here in the field is going so much faster than the MTC. Before long I will have a year haha. Jk.

Well gotta run, I forgot my camera so you will have to wait until next week for pics of the baptism. Love all you guys!! Peace out!

Elder Beanz

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