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Monday, February 7, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody how are things going this week? Everything sounds nice and normal. For the most part things here also are normal and going good. Now we know most of our area and a lot more members too. The members here are awesome all of them are super nice, yesterday some members gave me a mulcajete. Its a thing here in Mexico to make salsa. They are like 15 bucks or so.

Well now I only have one more Superbowl to miss haha, it was hard not watching it. The people here also watch the Super bowl, in almost every corner in the taco stands and in every window we could see the game being played. So ya I got to see bits and pieces here and there haha. I seen one of the Packers interceptions and one of the Steelers Touchdowns haha. Sounds like the game was pretty close.

Well the Avenida Oceania is close to our house, the Church is there in that street. We live in the colony Revolucion and we live in the street 6 de Marzo. But we have to change our house because the owner wants it. So this week we have been looking for a new place to live but it has to be below 2000 pesos. We haven't found anything really below 2000, we found two but they were super crappy. I think our landlord wants us out by this week but we haven't found anywhere to go haha.

Saturday we went and ate with some members, we had enchiladas verdes. They were really spicy but super good, my face got all red and I started sweatin because they were so spicy haha. Then the next day we had enchiladas again!!! But these ones weren't very spicy, but they were really good too. This week we also tried a taco stand in the street we ate tacos de Suadero. But my comp is telling me that these tacos are made with dog meat. He told me that they should be named tacos de su perro.
Haha but they were really good anyways haha.

Ya my comp doesn't receive too many emails. His mom is sick and can't do anything, she has something I don't know what but it has really weakened her and she doesn't really know what is going on. His dad doesn't like the idea at all of a mission so he doesn't write him either. His sister writes him every once in a while, but that is about it. I'm sure that it is hard for him having hardly any support. His birthday is on March 3rd.

Haha the American missionary that was here before me in this area didn't know Spanish very good at all, so now all the members comment on my Spanish haha because it is a lot better that him hahahaa. It is pretty funny, they all say how terrible his Spanish was haha.

Well how is everything going back at home? The calves are doing good still and growing big?? I hope so. Hopefully Jr. is starting to grow too. How is Odis? I hope he hasn't gotten more blind than when I left haha. You guys need to send me a pic of the shed upstairs with the new floor, and of the cows otra vez.

Well that is all for this week, hope you guys have.... the time of yo liiiiiife! Haha Everyone plays that song down here from the Black eyed peas, I'm guessin it is their latest one. But ya gotta run, Have a good week, and share the Gospel with someone!!! Love ya!

Elder Frijolez

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