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Monday, April 2, 2012

Hola Familia!
Well another week another dollar!! Haha jk Sounds like everything back home is going good! That's great that Grandpa Spackman is back up and goin!! And that everything is good with the new baby! I got the pics, she looks pretty little! Tell Steph and Wade congrats for me.
Supposedly there was another earthquake today! My comp and I were headed to Walmart and we seen everyone outside waiting to go in, they told us that there had been an earthquake, but we didn't feel anything. It sounds like you guys have quite the projects going on with all the room changes. I'm sure that will be fun. haha.
We don't have anything to do with the Elders going home or visas or anything, there are secretaries for all that stuff. But I do know that Kayd hasn't signed his Visa so they will have to get on that before June!! But my Visa is all taken care of!
For my Birthday I bought me a watch. Hopefully it will last a while it is pretty nice. Conference was also really good. I especially liked Elder Hollands talk on Envy!!! And how we should not be jealous of other's blessings. It was amazing! Then at the end he was just like Don't Delay, time is almost up!!! I also liked Elder Utchdorf's talk on Judging people.
We are having a lot of success right now. We had 10 people to conference, and we also baptized a guy named Enrique. He is a super good guy. One of the most humble guys that I know!! We had an hermano baptize him, the service went really well! Enrique is the one on the left in the picture. And ya I know I look short compared to my companion haha. If things go as planned we should be back in the water this week and the next with a few baptisms.
This week my comp and I had to do a training for all the zone leaders and President. It went really really well. President was pleased with the training that we gave. We used to parable things from the book mom sent me. So hopefully it will keep being useful for us.
I still haven't gotten the package of the letters and stuff, so hopefully it will come soon. I am sending some pics of the baptism of Rocio and the prophet lady from Tulancingo, and also some cool members that were there. Anyways I gotta go, thanks for all the support. Love you guys!!
Elder Chambers

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