Investigator from Haiti

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hola Familia,

Well I can't believe how fast this past week has went! The time is really flying by! Everything back home sounds great, I'm glad you guys are getting some warmer weather. It has been a pretty hot week here as well, April and May are the hot months of the year here in the City.

Here the whole week has been the Holy Week for the Catholics. They supposedly celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ all week and they go to their Church. Lots of the Catholics don't go to church except on this week. I didn't really see much of a change, All of the kids were out of school and the parents were off work. And instead of making it a holy week, most of them used it as an excuse to get drunk with their buddies. We seen so many drunk people in the streets!! I'm sick of drunk peeps!!

The work is going good! This past Friday we had a baptismal service for three ladies that we have been teaching. They all live a part, their names are Ana, Esmeralda, and Leticia. They are all really good converts, and were all really ready for their baptisms. This week we are going to be working with another lady, who told us that this Saturday she wants to be baptized and another guy that we found named Isac. He is really interested, he just works a lot so it is hard to teach him, but he should be ready to be baptized this coming Sunday as well.

Today I made the cookies that you had sent me in the package. The vanilla had exploded and spilled all over so I just did them without vanilla. They taste pretty good anyways though. Elder Jordan was pretty happy to have some chocolate chip cookies! I still haven't gotten the other package, hopefully soon it will get here.

The Gospel is true! I gotta run but I love you guys!! Thanks for all the emails!

Elder Chambers

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