Investigator from Haiti

Monday, April 23, 2012

Hola Familia, Hey Everybody!! That is pretty neat that there was a baptism back home. It has been awhile since the last! The pictures look good. Did Kevin get to baptize her? Did he do it in Spanish or English? Well I finally got the package that you sent with all of the letters. Thanks for that it is always nice to get real hand written ones. I don't know why it took so long. But it got here after all. The work is going good. We didn't baptize this past Sunday, it was a real bummer. But Elder Jordan and I have a really really big teaching pool. We are hoping to have some real success here shortly. This past week we had a miracle that just went to the church on Wednesday. Luckily there were some sisters there and they talked to him. He said that he has known a lot of members in his life and there were a lot where he went to school. His name is Eric, and is about 23 years old. We have him set up for the 6th of May for his baptism. We are also working with a few families. The families in Azteca are going good. I talked to the missionary that is working over there today and he said that the Rodriguez Family has already finished their interviews to go to the temple and that the Hermana Angeles has as well. Hopefully soon they will be going in. I bet that I can use skype here if you guys really want me too. I will look around for a member that has a computer with skype. It seems like the time from Christmas till now has really flown by! I also got the pictures that you all sent me. Odis is looking old old old! I dunno that he's gonna make it! Well everything here is going great! I hope that everyone has a great week!!! I gotta run! Love you guys! Elder Chambers

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