Investigator from Haiti

Monday, March 5, 2012

Hey Family,
Another week gone!! Things here in Tulancingo are going pretty good. My comp and I are working really hard, he is kind of new so I always have to take the initiative. He is going to have 9 months the 22nd of this month. He's still got a long time to go!!!! The rain has finally seemed to stop here and it has been hot! My nose is always red like rudolf, even though I put alot of sunblock on!

The work is coming along. Rocio is on track for her baptism this coming Sunday! Last week we gave her a blessing to stop drinking cofee and she hasn't drank a drop since!! She told us the other day that she knows that Joseph Smith was a prophet so her testimony is also going strong! Diego is really excited for her. In all of his prayers he asks that she will be able to be baptized about 3 times in each prayer haha. The other converts here are going good as well. "The Prophet" is still coming to Church and is learning a lot.

Today we went to that turf field again and played soccer! It was fun. It always surprises the Mexicans that I know how to play. Some Elders invited an investigator to come play. So we were playin and I launched a rocket, and it hit the investigator straight in the nuts hahahahaha. Oh man, he had to go sit out for a few minutes, hopefully he will still want to listen haha.

I can't believe that you guys are already going to be out for Spring Break!! I remember 2 years ago you guys went down to Dixie for the break. That was pretty fun. Hopefully you guys can get something fun done! Well Saturday we played soccer with some kids in the church for a few minutes and what do you know. I started runnin right outta my shoes. My CTR shoes got a huge rip in em in the back, you can see my whole heel. But its all good I've still got the Wolverines.

How is Sky View Soccer goin? Have they even started yet? You guys probably don't hear much about them now anyways. How are the Jazz doing? I haven't heard anything about them. Well I gotta go!! Love you guys! Have a great week!

Elder Chambers

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