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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hey Everybody!

Well another week is done with. Sounds like it has been quite the week back home. I hope that Grandpa Spackman can get better soon!!! Sounds like everybody else and their dog is sick as well!! What is going on back in Benson? Anyways, I do have the picture of Rocio's baptism I just keep forgeting my camera, so next week I will try to send it. This past Sunday we had Stake Conference so she wasn't able to be confirmed but this next Sunday for sure.

I wasn't able to see the videos, maybe next week if I go to a different place it will be able to work. Well it looks like I won't be here in Tulancingo anymore!! They called us in the morning to tell us that I have changes! I am really happy, I was wanting changes. So we'll see where I am headed now. Hopefully somewhere where there are a bunch of Tacos!! Here in Tulancingo there aren't many Tacos. Elder Garcia also has changes.

That's great that Tracy has a bunch of work. I miss working alot actually. Hopefully they will still have a bunch when I get home. Here in the mission they usually send people home on Saturdays. They haven't told me anything yet but I imagine that I will be home on Saturday the 21st. I would rather get home Saturday than Monday.

Anyways, well I will be on the lookout for the package but I imagine that it will still be a few weeks before it gets here. And I can't believe Stephanie is already gonna have her baby!! You'll have to let me know what day she's born. Well sorry my letter is so short, I will write more next week to let you know about my new area!! Love you guys!! Start feeling better!!

Elder Chambers

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