Investigator from Haiti

Monday, March 12, 2012

Hey Fam!!!

How's things back home? Everything sounds good! I can't believe that Mom is forty years old!!!!! Before we know it she's gonna need a cane hahaha jk. Everything here is going good, my comp and I are getting along good, he is just annoying sometimes. Sometimes he don't wanna stop talkin.

The Investigator that took a hit last week is still goin good, we played soccer again today and he is on track for his baptism this Sunday with the other missionaries. And don't worry about taking pics of my shoes, I'm bringin those babies home as trophies haha. I actually am still using them.

The work is going good here. We baptized Rocio, and everything went great. She was really really happy, she was crying in her baptismal service, and later sent us a text message that said thanks for helping her to be baptized. She also invited us over to eat after her baptism. She is going to be probably one of my strongest converts that I have had. The cool thing was is that yesterday was her birthday as well, so she got a good present. She thought it was pretty cool to share a birthday with my mom.

Sounds like everybody is enjoying themselves back home is the warm weather. Sounds like you had a pretty fun basketball game. I seen the basketball clip that you sent me of Whitneys, she did good, she had a good steal there!!

I will be sure to be on the lookout for the packages. Packages are always the best. I am hoping for changes, in these next transfers but we will see what happens. Changes will be next Tuesday, who knows what will happen. Anyways, I gotta run! Thanks for all the updates! Love you guys!!

Elder Beanz

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