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Monday, February 27, 2012

Dear Family,

Thanks once again for all of the emails. Everything back home sounds great!! Can you believe that we are almost into March!!? That means a lot of Birthdays!! Haha The weather has been off and on lately the other night it rained really, really hard here. Luckily we were already in the house when it started.

Yesterday we were able to baptize Maria. It all turned out pretty good. I baptized her. Here in Tulancingo it is a lot harder to find people to teach on your own. Maria is the first person her in Tulancingo that I've baptized that I have found. All of the others have been references from the ward. So that is good. We found her knocking doors, and when we first knocked she didn't let us in. We shared a quick ten minute lesson in her doorway and we told her that we would come back the next day. The next day we went back and this time she let us in. We taught her about baptism and invited her to be baptized and from that moment on she hasn't looked back. She accepted everything that we taught her very easily and we had no problems for her baptism.

We are also back to teaching Diego’s Mom. After she went to church the first time she really liked it and told her parents about it. But they cussed her out for going there and she was scared to keep listening to us. But this last week she called us and invited us back. She also went to church with us again yesterday and loved it. What will be hard for her is leaving behind her precious coffee. She is in love with coffee and has a bad addiction. But we are working on that.

Today we went to a Zoo! We went with Elder Castro and his companion. It was a pretty good Zoo, they have it all set up like it is a safari or something. They even have a big old safari bus that takes ya around, and you can feed a bunch of the animals. They had an 8 month old panther there and it is pretty tame. So you can pay 50 pesos and hold it and take pictures. I will be sure to send you guys that pic!! It was sick!!

Other than that not much else is happenin! We are working hard and hopefully we will soon start seeing more fruits of our hard work! I love you guys!! You're the best family ever!

Elder Chambers

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