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Monday, May 2, 2011

Hola Familia,
How is everyone doing? I can't believe another month has already blown by. The time is going really fast, before long I will have been out a year. With the pictures that you sent me I can't really tell if the calves have grown that much, Hopefully these last few months they can put on some pounds!! Is the grass out in the field starting to grow yet? I imagine that this month things will really start to heat up. Are you guys reading for summer to start?? I think that here in June and July it rains a lot, I'm not to excited for that time! It will be a lot harder to find people.

Things here in Azteca are going good, not great, but good. We are hoping to have two baptisms this coming Sunday. It all depends on if they can stop smoking for good. The guy that we have looks like he is gonna be able to stop! But I'm not sure about Alicia. We'll see what happens. I'm pretty sure that the missions here are a lot different from other parts of the World. Here if they don't get baptized in 3 weeks then we shouldn't be wasting our time with them. We always ask them to be baptized in the first lesson. That way they don't feel like it is such a short time. I think that in the States the missionaries take a little bit longer to baptize the people.

Once again this week has been a scorcher. I don't know how hot it is but I think it is into the 90's and with all the concrete and asphalt it gets really hot. This week we really need to find another family haha it's like an addiction, the families. Once you baptize a few all you want is more. But it's hard because usually the Dads here are really alcoholic and don't want anything with religion. They pray to the virgin Mary and that's good enough for them haha. But this week I feel like we are gonna find another. I dunno I'm just feelin’ it!!

Well it was interesting to hear what's going on in the World. Today in the morning I also saw that Bin Laden had been killed. It is in the newspapers here too. It's almost a blessing to not be able to read the news, I swear all that you hear are negative things. The only thing I miss is the sports section!! I can't wait to watch Football again!! haha

Not much is happenin here, it's the same ole same ole! I was talkin with a kid that we baptized who is 20 years old. And he really wants to go on a mission. I think that when he has one year in the Church he is gonna go on his mission. That would be sweet to be in my mission with one of my converts in the mission at the same time!! Today we played soccer with the Zone! So me and Kayd got to see each other again! We were on the same team haha. It's pretty cool to have a cousin here.

Ok for the call! We have our Church in the morning at 9 and we end at 12 then we are going to eat and then do the calls. I was thinking. About at 3:00 here in Mexico I could be in the house where you're gonna call. But I also think that the time is different here. I will need to talk at 3 o clock here I think that that is at 2 o clock there but you will need to check. But at 3 I will be there waiting for you guys. I'm pretty excited to talk again, I've been practicing English with my comp this week haha.

But that's all for this week have a great week and I'll talk to you guys on Sunday!!! Love ya!

Elder Chambers

P.s. I hacked onto my facebook to save a picture that i'm going to use for my District class tonight, don't worry I got permission to do so.

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