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Monday, May 16, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody, what's up? Not much has changed here, Mexico is still Mexico and we continue workin hard. The weather has continued to be HOT, it is just awful if we have days when we don't have appointments. We have to contact all day, it's pretty fun haha! But they say that it is time for the rain to come, for these next few months it should be rain rain rain. That should be interesting haha, my comp doesn't have a raincoat.

The next transfers are not till the 31st, I'm really hoping to have changes. My comp really frustrates me. But if we don't have changes, oh well right? He really makes the Sisters mad here, he doesn't like any of the food so he just doesn't eat it. You can tell that the members really get mad with him. I mean come on put on your big boy diapers and eat the food!

But anyways, this week has been kind of rough. We didn't really find anyone cool that went to Church. The only peolple that we have that we are teaching right now is a Mom named Gloria and her 3 kids. She is a single Mom. We are hoping to baptize all of them this Sunday, but we'll see what happens, the kids don't really like to go to Church. This Sunday an ex missionary from Utah came back to visit the ward. It was pretty cool to see him talkin with a few of his converts. It would be cool to come back one day too, when I don't have to go everywhere in a shirt and tie haha.

That is great to hear about Mom's calling, she is going to do great. Just remember that The Lord calls everyone to their calling and that it is what the Lord wants. He will help us every step of the way if we humble ourselves before him. (ether 12:27)

How is the ward doing? I forgot, what are the new boundaries now? Is the Ward bigger or smaller than it was before they changed everything up? It was no surprise to hear that Doyle quit coaching, who is the new coach, hopefully they can find somebody good to do it. That is crazy that Dillon will be home at the end of the month, it is going to be another year until I see him again haha! That's good that you could get the movie, I'm excited to get it, hopefully it didn't cost too much.

Well that is all for this week. I hope you guys have a great week and enjoy these last weeks of the school year before summer! Con mucho amor y paz - Elder Chambers

P.S. No sicknesses yet, and the pics are with the last fam. that we baptized, we went to this museum thing today

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