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Monday, May 23, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody! How has the week been? I hope everything is going fantastic there back in Benson. Things here in the mission are getting better, in the mission you will have highs and lows but for the most part, the attitude that you have affects whether you are in that high or that low.

The pics that you guys sent me are hilarious, I can't believe that you all got stuck! It must be super wet back there! But trust me! Kandy never fails!! She almost died gettin me to St. George but somehow she made it! Man I really miss driving and listening to music, but oh well, the only people who get to drive here are the secretaries and trust me, I do not want to be in the offices. Don't forget to wash Kandy good, I think Lacey would be a good volunteer to do that haha.

The work is coming along slowly. Transfers are this next Tuesday, we'll see if we are lucky haha. We are going to baptize this next Sunday but for the next we have about 6 progressing, we'll see if I'm here to see them get baptized. We didn't get to baptize Gloria, we put a date for their interviews and they didn't show up, we were just waiting and waiting. Until I called them and them daughter said her Mom was showering. I asked them if they were coming but they aren't going to baptized, you can see that they really just don't have that desire to do it. I'm sure that if we baptized them they would soon be inactives. So we are going to let them go, they didn't come to Church Sunday either. But for the most part we had success with 7 new investigatores there in Church.

This last Thursday we worked and then at 9 we went back to the house to rest. Shortly after someone knocked on our door. It was the Brother Huerta. He is a member that is super cool, we usually eat dinner and stuff with them. It is the guy that took us to the pyramids with his family. But I could tell that something was wrong. He asked to come in, and started to tell me what was up. I will never forget the words that he told me he said "Que cree Elder, tengo un buen de problemas...... mi esposa me dejó." In English is I've got a bunch of problems.... my wife left me. He told us that he got back from work and his wife and kids had taken the furniture and were gone. I didn't know what to tell him. He was crying really hard, it was so wierd to see, a family so cool that in such short time now is ruined. He has a 15 year old son that 1 month ago left the house and has really gotten into drugs and stuff. But I never thought that his other 2 kids and his wife would leave him too. It was so sad to hear his story. We can never let anything stand in the way of the family, not work, not school, not church callings, anything! The next day he and his brother found his son and took him to this rehabilitation center. But his son didn't go willingly, he put up a good fight, when brother huerta told us the story of how they did it I was pretty surprised. His story included stealing a motorcycle and driving it, which the brother huerta never has done, being chased by the police and then having his son scream that when he got out he was going to get his gang to come and kill his dad as he was being carried into the prison place. I'm pretty sure mexico is one of the craziest places in the world!

Well that was our shocker for the week. Not much else has really happened new. The brother Delgado, who we baptized a little bit ago, him and his wife now have callings in young mens and in the young womens. They are super cool, I'm almost positive they will be goin through the Temple in a year. The other two families are really cool too. Hopefully in this next cycle I can find one more family, because after this cycle I will have a year and then I won't be here when they go through the Temple and stuff. I was able to talk with Garcia, my first son, and he is really struggling with his comp. His comp doesn't want to work and is really disobedient. But Garcia is going strong.

Mom will do great in her first classes that she has to teach. I remember that my first class that I taught as District Leader was the best one. I think because I was so worried to teach other missionaries that I prepared the class really good. I've never been a good talker or teacher but when you open your mouth the Lord really does put the words in your mind.

Well I gotta run that is all for this week! I hope everything is going great back home! Read the Scripts and say your prayers! The basics are the most important!! Love you guys!

Elder Frijolezzz.

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  1. BIg BEANZZZZ!!!! Lookin good son!!!!! Keep doin work and let me know how things are goin! Love ya buddy!