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Monday, April 25, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody! How are things going back home? Has Odis died yet, are the cows still doin good? Haha things here in Mexico are going pretty good for us too. This week we went to the transfers meeting and Kayd also had transfers. I was able to sit by him the whole meeting, it's pretty cool to have a friend that lives just down the road right here with me in Mexico. Kayd got a new hijo and was moved to another area. He moved into our zone, we would be in the same District but everything got changed up because they made a new District. I also seen Elder Castro there at the transfers meeting, he gave me a tie haha. Elder Garcia was also there too! The whole gosh darn Family!! Haha it was good to talk to everybody.

But, ya here we are again in our area already a week has passed by in this cycle. I have really loved my area here, the members and the investigators are great. I think that the missionaries before me and Garcia didn't hardly work, they baptized a few but this are was ready to explode! Three whole families in one are is a miracle. I'm so happy that I came here when I did. On Sunday in the Gospel Principles class the teacher was talking about missionary work. She asked everybody to share how they came to know the Gospel. It was one of the coolest moments of my mission. The Solis Family, The Delgado Briones Family, and The Rodriguez Family all stood up and expressed how we found them in the street and how they came to know the Gospel through us, they expressed the changes that have taken place in their lives and the happiness that they feel in the Gospel. I couldn't help it, I had tears running down my face. It is such a blessing to be here in the mission helping people changes their lives. I hope that this cycle we can find another family.

Right now we are having a little bit of a rough time. This week was the "Holy Week" here in Mexico, instead of just celebrating Easter, they celebrate the whole week. They do crazy Catholic rituals, on Friday they did this whole play thing where they actually had crosses that they carried through the streets and then in front of the Catholic Churchs they had people get up on the crosses and act like they were being crucified. There tradicions are redunculous! Then on Saturday, they always have big water fights everywhere, we got squirted with squirt guns as we were walking around trying to find people. This week the people here were really closed off to everything. And on Sunday when we went to pick of Alicia she wasn't there. We have a possibility of baptizing a guy named Julio this Sunday but he is in a process of stopping smoking, maybe it will take him until the next week.

This week not much else happened. It is really wierd now to have a cell phone in my pocket again, the first time it rang I had a little panic attack haha. I also sent some texts, that was really wierd! I'm a little bit slower but I think it is because I'm doing it in Spanish haha. I also had my first baptismal interview this week. It was with a little 9 year old kid, everything went well, the little kids are super easy to interview. Its a little bit harder when you get a lady who has had an abortion or something like that haha. Tonight I have my first District class, I'm not to worried the Zone Leaders said they were going to give my first class. We'll see how it all goes.

Well yesterday they told us that we are going to call, us gringos, on the 8th. But they told us that they would like us to do it before 6:00. Like the other time we are going to have 45 minutes again. But I'm not sure if the code to call is the same as the last time because I'm in the State of Mexico now, not Hidalgo. You guys will have to do some research. Next week I will let you guys know what time and what number to call. If there is a time that you guys would like tell me in the next letter. But that's all for now, that's great you guys got my letters, I wrote them a long time ago. But ya take care, love you guys!

Elder Chambers

P.S. Tell Whitney to score!!!!

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