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Monday, April 4, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well here I am, another week older here in the mission haha. Im a week closer to my next birthday hahaha. But ya Im starting to feel older and older here in the mission, because guess what. Yep, I have got another son!! Elder Garcia already grew up and left me but good old President didnt want to leave me childless haha. This week has been really loco here in Mexico. On Monday after the Pyramides we went and said goodbye to the Solis Family and The Delgado Briones Familiy. Then on Tuesday we had a District Meeting. Right after the District Meeting, we had to go to the Temple for the Transfers meeting. When we got there President was waiting for us. He then shook my hand and said Elder Chambers this is your new companion, Elder Navarro. I had never seen this Elder before so I asked him. Hey how much time do you have in the mission? He then told me I got here yesterday from Peru. Hahahaha I was so surprised. Nobody told me I would be training again. hahaha Oh I think Im going to have a big receding hairline when I get back home! Training is a lot of work!! Haha but then on Friday we had a Zone Conference, and then Saturday and Sunday was the General Conference.

We didnt really have to much time to work this last week. We worked wednesday and thursday and friday in the night but that was it. But the Lord really blessed us and we were able to have some success this week. We are teaching a 45 year old that is named Mario. He is really excited for his baptism and will be baptized this Sunday. Then we also had a family that went to the conference. The Family Espinosa, this is a family of 5, but only the Parents and one of the sons went to the conference, we are going to have to work with the kids more this week to get all of ready for the 17th of April. We also had the Fam. Rodriguez there too, This is a family of 4, but also the parents went but the two kids stayed home. But we were really happy to see the parents of both families there. Hopefully they will all want to continue learning and be baptized soon.

Well I also thought that the Conference was great. I ended up watching only the Saturday morning and Priesthood session in English because for all the others we had investigators with us. I think that one of my favorite talks was by Utchdorf in the Priesthood Session! It was awesome, He talked about living up to our full potencial in the Priesthood. Dad will have a lot of ideas now for all of his classes that he has to give. I also liked Bednars talk, but he gave that talk a few months ago here in Mexico, so I had already heard it but it was still really good.

I hope that all of you are having a great time there in St. George. Im sure that you will have the typical bad luck and it will rain most of the time! But it will still be a nice vacation for you guys!! I really want to ride my motorcycle but I guess it will have to wait a little bit hahaha.

During the conference, we were in a Church house right next to the Temple. We were sitting there in the break between one of the sessions and the President and Sister of the MTC here walked by. They are Americans and they started talking to us. After we finished the Sister told me, "Ya know, you have a Mexican accent, right!?" Hahaha I know that I am talking with an accent but I cant help it. Im sure that I will lose it quick once I get back home.

What I would like to research, isnt necessarily the Pyramids. It is the legend of Quetzelquat. I guess it was a God that came here in Mexico and taught the people how to live. All the members say that it was Jesus when he came to the Americas and that when the Spaniards came the Aztecas and Mayas thought that Quetzelquat had came back because they were white and had beards like Quetzelquat did. I dunno the whole story but it is really interesting. Quetzelquat is represented by the head of a snake with feathers around it. There was a pyramid there, that had this symbol all over it. Maybe Jesus Christ once walked down the steps of that pyramid, who knows. I will send a pic of the pyramid. I also sent a pic of our tasty meal of crickets or grasshoppers or I dont know what they were!!

Well, this is all that I can think of to tell you guys right now. Hope you guys are having a blast in St. George! Wish I could be there with ya! Love Elder Chambers

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