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Monday, April 11, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey Everybody, how's it going?? Sounds like everything is great! Things here in the mission are coming along, the weeks are going faster and faster and I'm sure that after the year mark it will be all downhill from there. It was good to hear about your St. George Trip, That's wierd to think that I lived down there for a year haha. I'll bet it was nice to get out of the cold weather for a little bit. It has been super hot here the last few weeks, working in the street has been just awful. But its what we gotta do.

Well this week has been so so here in Azteca. We were able to have Mario's baptism on Sunday, that was quite the experience. He is kind of a bigger guy and he didn't think my companion could help him out of the water so he was trying to do everything. The first attempt he started flailing all around and he didn't go under the water all that well. I was laughing my head off hahaha. Then my comp, got all nervous and did it again but forgot to say the prayer hahaha. Then they did it again and he finally went under the water and came up good. Haha it was pretty funny, but I hope Mario was still able to feel the Spirit. We also had the Rodriguez Family there in Church. It is a family of 4, the parents and the two kids, who are 15 and 12 years old. Everything is looking really good with them. But there is one problem, the Mom and Dad aren't married. But we are planning on marrying them this week and then they can be baptized this Sunday! I hope that everything goes well with them and that they don't get scared off by the crazy baptism of Mario (they stayed to watch the baptism). Other than that we didn't have anybody new there at Church. The other family we are teaching pretty much told us they aren't interested anymore so we are down to this one family. I hope that we can find alot of people new this week so that after this family we can keep baptizing.

Sometimes I get a little frustrated with my comp, because he isn't that hard of a worker, he gets tired really fast. He already knows alot about the Gospel, he has been a member all his life, so he knows a little bit about teaching. But, we aren't gonna find anyone to teach if we go back to the house and sleep. Almost everyday he asks when we are going to go and have a nap, and I have to tell him that we ain't going back to the stinkin house! It gets a little annoying. But there are a lot of good things about him too. I hope that this week he can get adjusted a little more to the missionary life and quit complaining so much.

I used the teeth strips but they didn't seem to help much. I think I'll just have to wait until I get home to worry about my teeth. I didn't know that the cake box had cologne in it I'm going to check it when we get back to the house. I still havent made my cake haha. We don't have an oven. I think that I'm starting to get fat hahah maybe you can tell in the picture but I can't tell anymore. Some other Elders told me that I've gotten bigger since I got here. The food is just too good haha.

The Solis and Delgado Families are still going really strong, they have had a lot of support from the ward and are really excited about the Gospel. It would be awesome to see them go to the Temple in a year. I already made them promise me that in a year they would go to the Temple! The Solis Family is going to the Temple this Friday to do Baptisms for the dead. I hope that they get a taste of the Temple and be more excited to go in a year. Everything is going good with them.

Well I think that is all for this week, hope you guys can get everything that you need to do done. I felt sad when I thought about my motorcycle sitting there all alone in the shed while I'll the others were there in St. George haha. The cows are looking good!! I hope they can grow a little more and get cleaned up in the next few months. But yep thats all for this week. Love you guys.

Elder Chambers

P.S. I thought it was pretty funny that Whitney is now trying to keep up with Dad out there on the trail haha. Good job Whit!

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