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Monday, April 18, 2011

Hola Familia,

Well how is everyone doing? I got the pictures of the St. George trip and everybody looks like they are doing good. Well it has cooled down a little bit here, the last 4 days it has rained but not all that hard. My companion said that it was the first time that he has ever seen lightning. Personally I am not liking the rain at all, there is absolutley nobody in the street when it rains, and if there is someone they don't want to stop and talk to you.

Things in the mission are continuing to go good. What looked impossible, we got done this week. The Family that we were teaching was able to get married and later be baptized yesterday. I know that we had tons of blessings from the Lord to be able to baptize the Family. Normally it takes about a week or two to marry someone but they let us in, in just two days. This is the Lords work and he is guiding every phase of it. The baptisms went great, and the Family is really happy.

Besides that not much else has happened here this past week. Tomorrow we finish the cycle, we talked with our District Leader last night and he told us that we don't have changes. So, we will be here in Azteca another 6 weeks, hopefully we can continue baptizing, this next week we don't have anyone, but the next we have a lady named Alicia. Hopefully she will decide to be baptized, she is about 60 years old. But there is one small change that we have. Well, I'm going to be District Leader, haha it really took me by surprise when they told me. But I think I'm ready for it haha. The wierdest thing will be giving the baptismal interviews. I also have to give the class every Tuesday now, I really think I'm gonna go gray by the time I get back home. President is putting alot more pressure on us now to baptize every week! I know that it is possible but we are going to need to work alot harder. I hope I can help my new District, so that all of us can be in the water every Sunday!!

Well, how is everybody in the Family? Pretty soon we will be talking on the phone again, I'm not sure if it will be on Sunday or Tuesday because here in Mexico they celebrate Mothers Day always on May 10th. So we might call on Tuesday, who knows! The time is going by really fast, we've already passed the half way point of April, and this week I will hit my 9 month mark. I'm gettin close to a year eh!

Just so you know, I didn't feel the earthquake, I think it would take an earthquake pretty big to do anything here in the city. And I didn't eat the whole bowl of grasshoppers, it was only a side to put on Tacos but I did eat some haha, they were pretty nasty haha. This week the food was pretty normal.

An update on the families that we've baptized here, well yesterday all of them were there in the Church. And the Solis Family all went to do baptisms for the dead this week, so did the wife of the other Family, the husband had to work. Everything is going great with them, I hope that in a year I can see all of them go through the Temple together.

Well guys I think that, that is all for this week, sorry for such a boring letter. But I gotta run, take care! Love you guys!

Lub, Elder Chambers

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