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Monday, March 7, 2011

Hola Familia!!!!!!!!!

hey everybody what's up?? This week was super dizope here in the mission. We had a lot of blessing from The Lord. Things back at home also sound good, I'm glad everything is going good and normal.

This week, well we baptized The Family Solis!! Haha Yep the whole Family of five! It is the Dad and Mom the two daughters who are ages 14 and 12, and the son who is 9. It was awesome to baptize the whole family, I baptized the parents and my comp (my son) baptized the three kids. They were truly ready to receive the Gospel in their lives, they are gonna be great members. From the moment that we contacted them in the street we knew that they were golden!! Thanks for all of your prayers for them and everything this week! Everything turned out perfect, the picture looks pretty cool, Everybody in white haha. We had troubles finding all the white clothes for them.

Other than the baptisms, we didn't have to much success with new investigators in Church. We had one lady come, she is from Honduras but is kind of crazy! I don't think that she is all there in the head. When the Sacrament came around she got really freaked out and scared. She refused to take it and said she saw death and felt bad feelings!! So ya that is our wierd story of the week haha. I don't think she will want to come back next week haah.

This week we have also passed this homeless guy in the street almost everyday. But he too has mental problems. He thinks that he is in the Army or something, one day we seen him pass a couple kissing on the sidewalk and when he passed them he turned around and acted like he was pushing a button for a bomb or something that would explode on them or something, he even did all the noises with his mouth for the bomb! haha then another day when we passed he was in the middle of the street doing quarterturns and saluting the air! It was super wierd ahahaha. There are quite the people here in the City!

Well the story about Yoda was prettty funny. It won't be funny if he dies but right now it is pretty dang funny!!! When I read Dad's email I was laughing so hard here in the Internet Cafe that I had tears running down my face!!! Hahahaha I can just imagine his burp!!!! Haahaah I hope he is doing alot better now!!

Tomorrow is Transfers but they told us yesterday that me and my son will be together for another 6 weeks. Hopefully we will be able to repeat the cycle that we just had. We had 9 baptisms in 6 weeks! It was awesome, alot better than Pachuquilla haha. We are hoping to find more families like the Family Solis.

Well I already have plans for my birthday. We are going to see pyramids in Tiahucan. They are supposed to be huge!! And from what I have heard they have relacion with the Plan of Salvacion. I guess the biggest pyramid is of the sun, then the next is of the moon and their are others of the stars. It will be really cool. We are going to go with some members in the ward. I will take a bunch of pics.

Well that is all for this week. Tell everybody in the Fam hi for me. Everything is going good here in the mission. Take care!! Love you guys!!

Elder BEANZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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