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Monday, February 28, 2011

Hola Familia,

hey everybody how are things going in Benson? Things here are going good still. This week we are in another crappy internet place the computer is slower than tar!! Oh the computers here are really bugging me you can't do anything that you want to do!!! The truth is is that my camera is not stolen I havent been robbed everything is fine I just can't load the stinking pictures because all the computers are crap.

This week we were able to have two baptisms, one of them is named Sandra and one of them was named Aldair. They were both young uns more or less. Sandra is 26 years old and Aldair is 20, they aren't related or anything. Their baptisms just happened to fall on the same day. The baptisms went really good, I baptized Sandra and Elder Garcia baptized Aldair. We once again had the Family Solis there in Church too, we are trying really hard to baptize them this next Sunday, I think that they are going to do it. If so we are going to have a really good cycle if not then we are going to have a mediocre cycle. So we need lots of prayers that they will accept their baptism for this Sunday.

Today we went to the "Centro" of Mexico, It's like Downtown, the busiest part. It is like a half hour away from our area. To get there we had to go on the Subway, it was super super packed you had to push your way in and then you couldn't even hardly move because it was so full of peeps!! It was pretty cool! There was a bunch of people though! We seen this giant Catholic Church that is really famous. I sent a picture, We even went inside it haha. There was people praying and what not, they even had little boxes with a Catholic Priest inside and when we passed by someone was confessing their sins to the Priest. It was crazy haha, but the Church itself was pretty amazing. I also bought me a pretty sweet Jersey today, it is of Brasil!

This week I also felt the Spirit a bunch!! We had a lot of lessons that were really powerful and strong. It is really cool to see how far my Spanish is coming too, I have to do most of the talking in the lessons. Everything went good this week! I am trying to get you guys a few letters mailed off but I swear the time goes faster here in the City, I hardly have time to write. Hopefully I will get them sent off this week. This week I also got letters from Grandma C and Dillon, it was good to hear from them.

We also had a meeting this week with President Hicken. It was a leadership training thing or something like that. It was really cool, President Hicken is super chill but he knows what he is talkin bout!! He always tells the stupidest jokes but I always think they are hilarious and am usually the only one laughing haha. I'm glad my mission President is chill.

All the snow sounds crazy!! What do the animals think about it all? It made me remember a few of the times that it snowed hard when I was still there. But there was nothing that Kandy couldn't handle! She always got me where I needed to go! Even to St. George, but that trip nearly killed er.

Well, we are writing this letter late again because we got back late from the Centro! But here is my short letter. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm safe and enjoyin this area and this time here in the mish! Hope everything esta bien back home!! I'm sure everything is good! Let me know if anything exciting happens this week. Love you guys, thanks for all the support!! Gotta Run! Peace!

Elder Chambers

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