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Monday, March 14, 2011

Hey Family,

How are things going back in Benson!? Sounds like everything is going good, it even sounds like the weather has warmed up a little bit. I hope everyone survives all the cake and ice cream this month. I'm glad Yoda is back to normal, that would have really been bad to lose him now haha. You guys should have taken a picture of him when he was all bloated up! I can't believe that Lacey is already taking her driving test, she definately doesn't know how to be drivin!! Haha Hope that she passes her test!

Well things here in the Misión México Este are going good still. We continue having lots of blessings from the Lord every day. This week we found another Family, the Family Delgado Briones. It is a family of 4, they have a daughter who is 8 and a son who is 6. They seem pretty interested, they've had a Book of Mormon for over 20 years, some cousin gave it to them or something, but they had never opened it. They went to Church yesterday and really liked it. The wife even put her name down to feed us next week haha. I'm pretty sure that they are going to progress and be baptized soon. We also found another Family that seemed really cool, but they didn't end up making it to Church, we gotta go see what their problem was. Hopefully they can go this next Sunday.

Well that is the update on the missionary work here in Azteca. On Sunday we confirmed the Solis Family, I confirmed the Dad and Elder Garcia the Mom and some other members did the kids. It was really cool, we did it at the end of Sacrament meeting, the whole family went in front of everyone and we did the confirmations. I hope that in a year they go to the Temple to be sealed, if they do I will get to go and be there with them! That would be dizope!!

Ya we heard about the earthquake in Japan, sounds pretty bad. Then they got hit again with the Tsunami! What else is happening in the World, what is Barack Obama up too? We don't here much as missionaries, especially missionaries in Mexico, I have no idea about what is going on back in the U.S.

Today we went and played soccer again with a bunch of missionaries. It was fun but now I am super tired, I'm not in shape at all. I'm breathin heavy just by goin up the stairs to the Subway!! Haha I don't like doing my exercise in the morning! It is too early, I always go to do crunches but fall asleep on the floor haha. Maybe I will come back from my mission really fat haha, I don't look to fat in my pics but I definately feel fatter. haha

That is crazy that the cows are already eating the grass out in the field! It must have really warmed up alot. Has Dad been able to pull out the Street bike yet? Hopefully it can stay that way, but I doubt it. There are always a few snowy days in April too. How is Odis doin? Is he still have blind and half deaf? Hahaha sometimes I think about all the stupid stuff he used to do and I just start to laugh! Haha

Well it's already March, that means that Sky View has their soccer team all ready. You'll have to let me know how they are doing this year. Sometimes I wish that I could play for Sky View again but nope I'm already too old to play. Oh well haha. How is Ethan doing in Italy? Actually, how is everyone doing in the mission from the Ward? I haven't heard from anybody except kayd, mason, and dillon. How is Layne doing in Alaska? I'm sure he is freezing to death haha.

Well I'm out of things to say. That is all for this week, nothing extraordinary happened. Hopefully I will have something exciting to tell you guys next Monday. Keep up the good work there in Benson, share the Gospel with everybody!!!! Gotta run, love you guys.

Elder Frijolez

P.S. We live on the street Bonifacio Salinas, its really close to where we lived before. And really close to the Subway too, you can here it taking off at night from our house.

and the pic is old but I thought I would share it with you guys.

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