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Monday, March 21, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody, how are things? Sounds like the week was very eventful for someone, wink wink, Lacey!! I can't believe how spoiled she is hahahaha. No looks like it was a crazy day. Be sure to tell Tracy Happy Birthday for me too. I couldn't get the video to work, we are in another crappy internet, the good one was closed today, I guess it is some Holiday here in Mexico, they look for anything to have a holiday here!!! So I will try to look at it next week!! I'm sure it's a pretty good vid.

Well I'm still waiting for the package. We got mail two weeks ago, and it wasn't there so hopefully I get it next week, if not it will be another month to wait. I can't believe that on Monday I will be leaving the teens hahaha man do I feel like an old fart!! Especially out here in the mission with my hair all short and what not and parted! All the Mexicans down here think that I'm 23 or 24 years old haha. I even had one lady think that I was 30 years old hahaha!!! Everyone here thinks I'm old haaha but back home before I left everyone told me I looked like I was 15 years old hahaha.

This week the work has slowed down a bit. We are struggling to find people to teach. We still have the new family that we are teaching. They all ended up making it to Church yesterday. So, I think that we will be able to baptize them this next Sunday for my birthday. They are really cool and excited about the Church. The wife has always been Catholic but has always had a bunch of doubts. Hopefully they accept for this Sunday if not we will have to wait until April. Other than them we didn't have anybody new in the Church, we had a few prospects but when we went to their house on Sunday they weren't there. Who knows what happened. But I have a feeling that this week we are gonna find a ton of new people.

Well the whole Japan things sounds pretty bad. I still haven't heard to much about it but I did here that all the missionaries were in a conference and nothing happened to them. They have sent all the missionaries home for now. That would be crazy!! I hope nothing like that happens here in Mexico, I want to serve my two full years!!

This week not much happened. We played soccer again today, the only thing I don't like is that we never ever play on grass!! It is always on concrete! But it's nice to get out and run around a little bit! Well I weighed myself this week and I have broke into the 160's I think I am 163 or something like that. I left the MTC at 158. It is hard to know your weight exactly because everything is in kilos here. The temperature here is also in Celcius. I never know what temp it really is. I only know that it is hot! The sun is a freaking beast!! Everyday we are out in the sun, and after Lunch it is hard to get back and work haha because you get really tired but ya gotta do it!!

Well that is all for this week!! Hope everything goes great for you guys! Tell Grandpa Spackman happy birthday for me too on Saturday!! Only 2 more months before we get to talk again on the phone!! Send me some pics of the fam or another video, I enjoy the videos. Well gotta go!! Love you guys

Elder Beanz

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