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Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey family,

How is everyone this week? I hope that everyone had a good week. It is really hard to focus right now, the guy in the internet place is really ticking me off haha. First I wrote President a nice long letter about how our week went then the power went out right before I sent it so I had to retype it all. Then his USB ports don't work worth a darn, so ya I recorded something for you guys but it isn't working here, we aren't gonna ever come back here again.

But ya this week we had a really good week. We ended up teaching a lot of lessons and we had a stake conference. Even though the Stake Center is a little far away we ended up having a few investigators there. We had 8 investigators there, we had the family of 5 and 3 others, one of the others is going to be baptized this Sunday, so we are pretty excited to be baptizing again.

Other stuff that happened this week, well not to much. We worked hard and we ended up having good numbers. We ended up eating off the street one night, we ate a bunch of tacos and the guy had a soccer game playing, I got to see a sweet goal. haha.

That is funny that Lacey got hit in the eye snowboarding, she can go as much as she wants but she will never be as good as me. hahahahaha!!!! The video of Whit and Justin Beiber was pretty funny. I'm sure that she wishes that it was real haha.

But ya the time is going by fast here in Mexico, I don't know how it is going back in Cache Valley but today is my 7 month mark, for the most part it has all went pretty fast. Today we went to a Zone Activity, we played soccer and basketball in the Church next to the Temple, it was pretty fun. Then after we went and ate at Burger King!! It is expensive but oh it was worth it haha I had a whopper and a hamburger with fries and a drink. Even burger king is a little bit different here in Mexico. Next to the ketchup for your fries is a huge thing of hot sauce too, I actually like the salsa here in Mexico a lot now! It is tasty.

Ya to send a card to Elder Garcia just send it to me, haha he hardly knows how to work a computer so it will all be easier just to send it to me. And I think that the packages will get to me in about a month, maybe in two weeks, but if they don't get to Mexico in two weeks I will have to wait until close to the end of March. Haha I hope the chex mix stuff is still good!!

Well because of the Zone Activity we don't have too much time to write here. but I just wanted to let all of you know that I am doing good and we are having a little success here in Azteca. I recorded two messages on the voice recorder but it looks like you will have to wait until next week to get them. One is in English and one is in Spanish, we'll see if Lacey can understand all of it.

Grandma told me that The Toombs are going to Colorado in their mission, that is pretty cool. My companion in the MTC Elder Anderson was from Laramy Wyoming I'm pretty sure that Denver North is his home mission.

Sounds like a few people are passing away there in Benson. But the good thing is that through the Gospel we have the wonderful peace and comfort, that comes from knowing what is going to happen after this life. How great it is to have this knowledge!! Lots of people in the world don't have it we are truly blessed.

Well that is all for this week, sorry so short!! But I gotta run. I will try to send a better email next week, this week we are pressed for time. Hope you guys have a great week in school and at work!! Love ya!!!

Elder Beanz

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