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Monday, February 14, 2011

Hola Familia,

Hey guys!! Sounds like things in Benson are going excellent!! Things here in Azteca are going good too, this week we baptized two young uns. One is named Ricardo, he is the son of a recent convert he is 13 years old. His Mom was baptized in November, and he has always told the missionaries no for baptism. But we had a few lessons with him and he changed his mind. His Dad is really Catholic so he didn't know what he needed to do, go with his Dad or go with his Mom but we got him dunked haha. The other kid is 8 years old but nobody in his family has the Priesthood so they asked me to baptized him. So we had these two baptisms this week. And well I forgot my camera on Sunday so I don't have pics, some members are supposed to be sending me the pictures, I will send them when I get them.

This week we also found a family, the family Solis. It is a family of 5 and they are really humble. We invited them to Church on Friday, and on Sunday all of the went. Their youngest son is 8 so all of them are potential baptisms!! We are hoping to continue with them, hopefully they can return to the Church this week too. We have also found another family but the Dad doesn't want to hear anything about the Church. But his wife read a chapter in the BoM and loved it, she told us she would love to be baptized but she needs a little time to make sure it is the right thing to do.

I laughed my head off at the video that you sent me of Lacey in my truck and Dad and Whit in the backyard! Lacey sounds like a total gringa!! Lose the accent fool!!! Hahaha But hey!! Who gave you permission to be drivin my truck!! Haha, no its all right it was good to see that Kandy is still running strong!! 0-60 in only 15 seconds!!! Haha then the video of Dad talking to Duke!! HAHAHAH oh man you guys gotta u tube that vid! Haha The cows are all looking good too!! They are alot bigger than the last time I saw them! Even Jr. is growing good. I think the hay has really helped them start growing faster. No thanks for the vids I think this week I will record something on my voice recorder and send it to you guys. I ended up not being able to open the valentines videos, the computer here won't open them.

Well we got all changed today in our new house. It is a little bit smaller than the last one but I'm really happy with it. It is really clean and the people that we live by are all really nice. It was really nice to get that off my mind!! This week we will be able to focus completley in the work!! Elder Garcia got good news today, I guess some sister missionaries there in his home ward visited his family, and all of his family are progressing towards baptism!! He has tears of joy right now, hopefully they will all progress and be baptized soon.

I seen in a newspaper here that Jerry Sloan is going to call it quits!!! What the heck!? He can't retire!! Without him the Jazz aren't the Jazz! By the way how are they doing this year?? Make sure that Dad lets me know what happens later on in the year with Dallas in the Draft, I need to know who they get.

Hey I dunno if you are going to send me another package for my birthday. If not its fine but if so can you throw in that chex mix stuff!? It's delicious. I think that when I come home from my mission I'm gonna be a little bit fatter!! Everyday we get stuffed with food! Yesterday we ate Al Hambre, directly translated it means to the hunger. It is a bunch of meats all cooked together then smothered in cheese!! It was so good but when we finished I felt so fat!!! I gotta eat less!

Well thanks for all the pics and all the vids it was good to see how things are back at home!! I really miss our yard! Everything here is concrete concrete and more concrete. Well gotta run I don't have much time today because we used all of our P-day moving the house. Let me know if anything exciting happens there in Benson or Cache Valley this week!! Love you all!!

Elder Frijolez

P.S. Para decir We love you, ne Te Amamos! !Jaja pero igualmente, les amo, que tengan un buen dia y disfruten esta semana que viene¡

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