Investigator from Haiti

Monday, June 4, 2012

Hola Familia, Things here are going great, I hope that all is well back home as well. Everything sounds good. So yup it's Elder Jordan's last week here, he goes on Friday to the mission home. So President had to make arrangements so that I didn't end up without a companion. We had some special changes and we have been in a threesome now since Wednesday. My new companion is Elder Myers from Idaho Falls. He is legit. He has got about 16 months in the mission, so he will be the one that kills me. haha Well I guess it is time for all the missionaries to start gettin home! That is cool that Braydon and Ethan are both back home. I'm sure that it is a pretty big change. Elder Jordan is gettin pretty nervous haha. I can't believe that Kayd will also be home this Saturday. He has been a great missionary here in the East Mission, one of the best!! The work is going great. This past we had three baptisms, Adelina the mom and her two kids, Gustavo and Natalia. They are awesome people. We found them contacting about 3 weeks ago and she invited us to her house in that same moment to share a message. She is divorced from her husband and was looking for work. We promised her that if she went to Church and kept the Sabbath Day holy that she would find a job. She went and that next Monday she got a call, saying that she had been accepted to work in an office. It was so cool, I know that the Lord blesses us when we do what he asks of us. All of our converts here are still going good and strong. Our Gospel Principles class is starting to get pretty big. We should have one or two more baptisms this coming Sunday. The Lord has really blessed us. I am glad that I will be finishing my mission here in this area. That's great that you guys got me a new bed. I bet it will be like heaven compared to the mission beds haha. That's also awesome that Dana got baptized. She looks really happy in the pictures that you sent to me. That's good for her. Who is the next in the Family to get baptized? Well I gotta run. I am sending the baptism pictures. The Elder on the Right is my new companion! Anyways love you guys!! Elder Chambers

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