Investigator from Haiti

Monday, June 11, 2012

Hola Familia, How is good ole Benson?? Things are hippidy hoppin here in Mexico City! It has been another great week here. Elder Myers is a great companion, he was a wrestler in High School and we always wrestle in the apartment, but he always wins. haha Well, Elder Jordan ended up his mission, he ended really well. He taught me a lot of stuff. Elder Falslev also finished up. I can't believe it! I'm the only Benson Boy still out here representin in Mexico. Haha It was weird saying good bye to Elder Falslev, cuz I know I will see him soon. I'm sure that his homecoming talk was great. The work is going good! This week we baptized Teresa, I don't remember if I had told you guys about her yet or not. We found her 3 weeks ago in the street. Anyways she was baptized yesterday, I performed the ordinance. Everything went great and she bore her testimony after and it was legit. We are teaching quite a few people right now. I think this coming Sunday we might be baptizing a Mom and her two daughters, we have been teaching them for quite some time now. And for the 24th we have some others progressing. We are teaching a friend of Carls named Keegan, he is also black and from Haiti, he told us that he wants to be baptized the 24th. We also are teaching another guy named Jonathon that we found last Sunday. He went to Church and was asking us who was going to baptize him on the 24th. haha he is going well too. I have never worked so hard in all my mission. I am happy to be ending this way. Hopefully we will continue to receive the Lord's blessings. The weather has been hot down here. In July the rainy season should begin. I get sun burnt about every day here haha. Well things are great, thanks for all of your support and love. Peace out!! Love Elder Chambers

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