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Monday, June 18, 2012

Hola Familia,

Hey everybody how have things been this week.  Have you guys seen Kayd any more?  How's he doin?  That is crazy that Cody gets home this week!  After him I will be the next.  President is keeping us busy though, there isn't much time to think about going home.  This month we are into the zone conferences, so we go to all of them and have to train the missionaries.  This week I will be headed back out to Tulancingo.

Elder Myers bought some weights so we have been doin some pretty good exercise lately.  I don't wanna get home fat!  haha speakin of fat, how is Odis the Blob?  Whitney sent me some pictures and he looks grayer ever time I see him.  I'm sure once he dies Mom will be wantin to get another Pug!  How have the Pheasants been doing that you guys got?  I hope good.  Duke is gonna love huntin again.

Here the rain has started again.  It rained all day Friday Saturday and Sunday.  But the work goes on.  We have quite a few people in teaching right now.  Hopefully they can all make it to the font!!  Jonaton, our baptism for this next week is awesome.  He says that he knows that the church is true and that it is where he knows he needs to be.  I'm pretty sure he would have gotten baptized his first Sunday in Church but the rule is 3 Sundays. haha.

There isn't much new going on here.  Everything is pretty much the same.  That is great that all is ready for my return.  We will probably have to go clothes shoppin.  Oh and don't forget to remind Lacey who's laptop she's been using for the past two years haha.  That is awesome that she got a bike!!  Who is on the Honda next to her?  Sounds like summer is a blast back home!!  Have a great week, love you guys!

Elder Chambers

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