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Monday, February 13, 2012

Hola Familia,

Another week gone!! I am now not Elder Falslev's companion. How sad! It has been a big change here with my new comp, I miss Elder Falslev a lot. He got moved over to Pachuca, about an hour away from here. But anyways my new companion is Elder Cataldo. He has been here in the mission for 7 months so he got moved up to Zone Leader really fast. I am training him how to be zone leader like I did with Elder Reyes. The cool thing is, is that he is from Chile. He is a good missionary and we are getting along fine.

I don't need anything for my birthday, definatley save your money! haha I have everything I need here. That's cool that you guys are getting a new computer! Hopefully it will work a lot better. Oh ya and talking about the rats the other day an Elder told us that a rat got in their house and it was crawling on his face in the night. haha then he woke up and freaked out and that led to his companion also freaking out but not knowing why. hahaha.

Well we have gotten pure rain rain rain this week. Every day it has rained! But it actually didn't rain today, it's a miracle!! So the streets have been empty day after day after day. We knocked so many doors this week. I'm not a big fan of knocking doors. We found a few people. But the coolest person that we found is named Maria. She is a young Mom, she probably is around 23 years old and has two kids. Imar her 7 year old girl and Victor her baby. But we found her knocking doors and we have had a few lessons with her now. She has accepted everything that we have taught so far, and accepted to be baptized as well the 26th of this month. She seemed to really like church yesterday.

Diego's Mom isn't really progressing now. We put various appointments with her this week but she blew us off on all of them. She said she would go to church but didn't go. But the good news is that Diego went and I confirmed him. He is still really excited!

Today we went and played soccer with some missionaries here in the zone. It was fun. We played on a little turf field, it is a lot better than just playing on cement. My comp suposedly played in some university in Chile but he wasn't as good as he talked himself up to be.

Well that is all, I am super tired from playin so much. I love you guys!!

Elder Chambitas

Oh ya Elder Navarro is now training!!! He has progressed a lot! I seen him at the changes.

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