Investigator from Haiti

Monday, May 21, 2012

Hola Familia, Well the work continues forward! Time is flying by, the days are fast and the nights are even faster! It feels like I don't get much sleep haha. How is the family this week? Things here in Mexico are going great. The Volcano continues to spit out smoke, every once in a while, when the smog goes away you can see it from our area. Nobody really thinks that it will do anything though. The Trainings that we are giving are going really good. We have done 6 in these last two weeks and we will finish up the last 3 this week. My companion and I are doing the training on how to work efficiently and use our time wisely. So far it has went really really well, President has been pleased. So this Sunday we had the baptisms of Monica and Joselin. I will be sending you guys the picture, I baptized them. They are really cool converts. The Aunt Monica, told us that when we stopped them in the street to talk to them that she knew it was a sign from God and that she needed to listen to us. She had to stop smoking, but she dropped it easily. They were really ready for their baptisms. This Sunday, Carl, Enrique, and Eric all of my converts here got the Priesthood. Eric and Enrique blessed the Sacrament together. Eric is super excited to be in the Church. He went to some multi stake dance the other day and really liked it. Right now we are teaching a few different people. Sara, is who we are focusing on most. She has been to Church twice and has really liked it. We are pushing to have her baptism this coming Sunday, she is a little bit scared, but I know that she has felt the Spirit and will be able to make the right decision. She has a 21 year old daughter who gives her a lot of trouble, she is looking for a change in her life. The Gospel will help her alot. Things are going great here in the mission. I hope that all is well back home as well. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass! I love you guys!! Have a great week! Elder Chambers

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