Investigator from Haiti

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hola Familia, Hey everybody, how is everything back in Benson!? Spring is rolling along, it sure does feel like summer here! It has been really really hot during the day, but then in the nights at about 8 it starts to rain. I don't know why the weather can't make up it's mind. I can't believe that it is already going to be Mother's Day again! It seems like just two weeks ago Elder Falslev and I were hooking up the skype thing. So I have looked around for a skype here and I've found one in a little internet cafe in the street. I will try it out. I will be on at 6:00p.m. Sunday my time. I don't know what it would be you're time. I have 45 minutes just like all the other times. But anyways I think that the internet will work. The work is going well! Eric got baptized yesterday! He was super ready, we had an hermano in the ward baptize him. He was really happy to be baptized. We are teaching quite a few right now as well. This week we aren't too sure if we will be baptizing, there is a chance. But in two weeks we have two really solid hermanas to baptize. Named Monica and Joselin. They couldn't make it to church, but we went to visit them after and they didn't go because they were sick. But they are still excited for their baptisms. I can't believe that school is already going to be out!! That will be a nice break for everybody. My companion and I have started a pretty cool game lately. Every once in a while we get cockroaches in our house. We will just get home and they will just be sitting there on the floor waitin for us. Hahaha so we have got some pogs, the little circle things that kids throw around, and we take turns throwing them at the cockroach until we hit him and he dies hahahaha. We are tied right now with 4 kills each. haha It is prettty funny. Today we went and played basketball, Elder Falslev was able to come over. It was nice seeing him again. Then he told me he only has 4 Sundays left!! Can you believe it? I couldn't! Anyways here are some pics some of the baptism and some of Flat Stanley, I hope the flat stanley ones are good enough. One is of him makin dinner and the other is in front of a Micro here, that is the main transport for everybody! Gotta go Love you guys! Elder Chambers

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