Investigator from Haiti

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hola Familia, Well it was great talking to everybody. Everyone looks good, even Otis is looking better haha. So there are just a few things that I forgot to ask you guys yesterday. If my talk is going to be on the 22nd what would the topic be? Also I took out quite a bit of money today to make some purchases. Hopefully I didn't go over, haha I don't think I did. But I got me a suit, it is legit!!! It was from Men's Warehouse and it cost 50 dollars haha. It was a steal! And Mom about the shirts. I think that I will only need two white shirts. I am the same size so you could just get the same ones, but I have really come to love the enro brand. I remember them telling me also that there is a regular and a slim fit one. I would like one regular and one slim fit. The garments are also the same, but I want the dry lux ones. They are the best. And also I like all of the tops to have the big dip, or the eternal smile as the neck line. haha I am also the same size on pants. I will probably need just one pair of nice black pants. I will be set on Suits and Ties. Things here are still going great. The Lord continually blesses us and my testimony grows every day. It will be a sad day when it is time to take off the black nametag! Well I love you guys here are some pics of the baptism. Have a great week! Elder Chambers

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